Sustainable Cities Summit


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Driving Urban Transformation towards Sustainable Societies

The Sustainable Cities Summit, produced by the Sustainable Energy Council will explore new opportunities for the improvement of urban resilience, energy efficiency and digital transformation.

What are the solutions for the unique challenges in areas facing climate risk, high population density, energy efficiency objectives and ongoing infrastructural change?

This is your opportunity to virtually meet with government and industry decision makers and evaluate the drivers of Sustainable Cities, looking at existing case studies and assessing the readiness for change in opportune centres of economic growth. Join us for fruitful discussions to understand the sustainable future for urban modern societies.

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Join Key Discussions Shaping the Future of Modern Megacities

Gain access to key debates featuring experts from Industry, Government, Strategic Bodies, Regulators and Research discussing how we can tackle the risks associated with increasingly resource strained, fast-paced, high emission zones. In the presence of leaders and experts we will consider;


What are indicators now is the time to act? Are the investors confident of the value of evolved sustainable urban hubs? What is the cost and optimal course of action? What is the alternative impact if cities operate as they always have? At this moment in history, the time for information sharing, actionable case studies and consolidated collaboration is now. Don’t miss the key discussions and insights driving forward the development of sustainable cities.

What Can You Expect from the Virtual Summit?

The Sustainable Cities Summit is a completely virtual event, with all speakers, sponsors and delegates connecting remotely to access live video sessions and exchange insightful conversations online. The event will take place on our Virtual Platform, accessible to delegates 2 weeks prior to the event in order to set up a profile and make the most of the networking functions. Take a look at all the features of the Virtual Platform and start planning your virtual delegate experience.

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Join Us to Establish the Pathway towards Resilient Urban Societies

Get in touch with our team to participate as a speaker, sponsor, partner or attendee at the Summit, please contact Rob Arthur on +44 20 7978 0095 or email

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